An Introduction to Stata Programming

E-Book Name Title for Download :An Introduction to Stata Programming (Format : pdf)

Plot : This work focuses on three types of Stata programming: dofile programming, adofile programming, and Mata functions that work in conjunction with do and adofiles. It explains how to usefully automate work with Stata and how to use Stata more effectively through programming on one or more of these levels. After presenting elementary concepts of the commandline interface and commonly used tools for working with programs and data sets, the text follows a unique format by offering "cookbook" chapters after each main chapter. These cookbook chapters look at how to perform a specific programming task with Stata and provide a complete solution to the problem. The text also includes numerous examples of Mata, Statas matrix programming language.

Author(s) Book :Christopher F. Baum
E-Book Categories :Mathematics; Computers & Internet; Programming
Publish Year :2009 Publisher : Stata Press
You can check by ISBN10: 1597180459; ISBN13: 9781597180450
Pages :362

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